How To Develop Interesting Homework Games: Great Ideas

Teachers try to make education system interesting for the new school going students so that they do not find school a monotonous place to commence their learning. Since homework is an integral part of the education system and skills and concepts cannot be nurtured without it, interesting homework games have been introduced in the market.

Some of them are

  • Jenga with words: Jenga is the classical block game that is designed based on the age requirements of different students. This is highly admired vocabulary building game where questions are fed in computer and teachers provide printed sheet along with self adhesive labels to the children. Children pick the blocks from the Jenga tower to answer the question.

  • Family Spies: This game enhances story telling ability and knowledge of Geography in the student. In this section, each student in the class pretends to belong to a new country and possess a new name. This way the whole class learns the language, eating habits, climatic conditions, location and other features of a particular country.

  • Home run time tables: In this game each child learns an interesting way to memorize the table. The game is played in park. When one child hits the ball with the bat, the rest of the class starts speaking the table till the time fielder grabs the ball.

  • Play teacher: Reverse the role of the teacher and the student. Let the student teach the teacher. This way their concepts will become better and they will develop logical and reasoning skills.

  • Octopus Spelling: Draw an octopus or get its printed image. Write words ending with at, ing or ight in its different body parts like heads, arms etc. Children will fill form words this way. For example they can write might, fight, sight etc at the place of “ight”.

  • DIY Puzzles: Students can frame words and learn spellings and vocabulary via free online puzzle maker. These puzzles not only make studies interesting but act as an investment in building good relation between the teacher and the student. The time invested during early stages of childhood will transform them into smart, fast and independent learners.

  • Ring my bell: Encourage the students to finish their assignments correctly and ring the bell first.

  • Earning the tech time: Create few different coloured laminated cards and offer it to students based on their in-turn assignment time periods. If they turn to you after 15 minutes give them black card. If they complete their assignment card in 10 minutes, offer them red card and give them a green card if they turn to you with correct homework after 5 minutes.

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